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Standard Verified Purchase I thought my review might be of some use as I’m not a gigantic fan of Japanese RPGs, and probably most people aware of this game or writing reviews for it are. I love Sakaguchi’s games But that’s about it. So I almost skipped Persona 3. It sounded like an “off brand”, probably overly complicated, boring to me game I just figured it would be another game hyped by hardcore JRPG players that I end up not being able to stand.

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Inheritance[ edit ] Inheritance is a key feature in CSS; it relies on the ancestor-descendant relationship to operate. Inheritance is the mechanism by which properties are applied not only to a specified element, but also to its descendants. Descendant elements may inherit CSS property values from any ancestor element enclosing them. In general, descendant elements inherit text-related properties, but box-related properties are not inherited.

Properties that can be inherited are color, font, letter-spacing, line-height, list-style, text-align, text-indent, text-transform, visibility, white-space and word-spacing. Properties that cannot be inherited are background, border, display, float and clear, height, and width, margin, min- and max-height and -width, outline, overflow, padding, position, text-decoration, vertical-align and z-index.

BFS: Sword and Giant – he refuses on the grounds that he would be prettier than her. I love the story, and by gay men who did. Since he can’t he then claims to have found a girl – akihisa himself gets persona 3 fes dating guide in the OAV.

Sh0rty Sh0rty 6 years ago 1 So there’s a few interesting girls in this game to date, but what one do I choose? I’m the male MC because I never played this game before, so dont give me any hate for not picking FemMC I’m initially interested in Yukari because I don’t know a flippin thing about her so far, just that she’s lost her parents like the MC.

Plus, she’s typically the girl I would go for IRL. Anyways, any other suggestions are welcomed too I don’t know who else is available, if any. I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve gamemaster 6 years ago 2 Sh0rty posted So there’s a few interesting girls in this game to date, but what one do I choose?

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The main protagonist, when Yukari exits the shower with a Modesty Towel and slaps him after the party is separated in the July 7th operation. Aliens Made Them Do It: In the July 7th Shadow battle, the Protagonist and Yukari or Akihiko or Junpei if you’re playing as a girl manage to break free from the Mind Control before anything actually happens. And no, you can’t intentionally fail , no matter how hard you try. All in a Row:

Persona 3 portable social link guide persona 3 portable on atlus’ most recent jrpg. From the need to date black women guide for almost 5 guide adult dating guide is a commitment. Does epson have advice these tips and fun, titled dating brooklyn ny – find a gamefaqs message.

And boy, does it look exciting. Perhaps most intriguing is a statement from the director, Katsura Hashino, during one of the earliest interviews for the game. That dark side of society is a central pillar to the game we want to make with Persona 5. The Persona series, and the franchise from which it was born, have more or less carved out a reputation as pushing against the traditional mindsets and chosen subject matter of the JRPG. Which is true, and the series remains a breath of fresh air in many regards.

Nonetheless, reading about a game that purports to be about breaking free from old values leaves me with one eyebrow firmly raised for one reason: And at first, the game seemed to live up to that hopeful premise. It all feels, ultimately, like lip service:

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Persona 3 portable dating guide shin megami tensei persona beach bikini images 3 is a role-playing video game developed by atlus, and.A weather beaten Westerner with a shrewd, wrinkled shall reside near a very dear friend of mine, a man versed from childhood in .

Edit A member of Gekkoukan High’s student council, Hidetoshi heads the student disciplinary committee. As expected, he’s strict and unyielding, and can come off as quite the hardass. He’s also a very unpopular with the rest of his class because of his no-nonsense attitude. Link, and pursuing his S. Link goes on, he ends up accusing half the school even the student council Vice President Eventually, he reveals that the MC is the only person that he can trust, and that he believes that everyone should be treated equally and fairly, and be held to the same standards.

When the culprit is finally discovered, he realizes that he needs to lighten up if he’s going to keep his fellow peers’ trust. In P3P, Hidetoshi falls in love with the female protagonist during his S. Link, but wants to wait until he’s worthy of her love before he tries to make it official.

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For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES on the PlayStation 2, Sooo Is it possible to max the female social links without having to date? For Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES on the.

Blow You Away Bond Breaker: After the protagonist dies, Yukari grows adamant about reviving him by going back in time. This would’ve prevented the Big Bad from getting sealed, risking the entire world once again to another battle that the team wouldn’t have won in any other way than if the protagonist hadn’t died. Thankfully, it doesn’t come to that, and Yukari gets better, but only after a fight with the rest of the team Mitsuru sided with her, though.

Your beloved father is one of the people responsible for the whole Dark Hour mess. Hope that makes you feel better! Yukari father became her main source of hope and believed his innocence after a lab explosion left her father dead as well as hundreds of other scientist, said event not only ostracized her family courtesy of the public but also subsequently strained her relationship with her mother after she abandoned Yukari for other men, being unable to cope with her husbands death.

Yukari’s belief gets severely tested in “The Journey” and for a time after the Yakushima event, was forced to admit that her father was guilty of mass murder, she stays with S. In The Answer, however, this doesn’t apply at all. She ends up turning the entire group against each other, when someone of this trope is supposed to do the opposite. She becomes this when you date any girl that’s not her.

She idolizes her father and has a rather rocky relationship with her still-alive mother. It hurts her to find out he’s partially responsible for the Dark Hour.

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Dralm Dralm 9 years ago 2 Why wont you use the guide I tossed my CB in and used a time of day stop code to solve that and even everything back out so i could continue to use the guide but honestly its quite helpful. Merid Merid 9 years ago 4 Then use that guide partially. Instead of doing non-dating S. Link, substitute with days where you can visit one of the girls. That’s not really a good idea though because while the S.

Persona 3 Portable is an enhanced port of Persona 3 for PSP. New features include an additional female protagonist as well as certain gameplay adjustments introduced in Persona 4.

Mon Apr 19, 3: Having been through P3 twice, with the original release and then with The Journey in P3 FES, it was pretty easy for me to get through the first couple of hours without knowing what was being said. Alternatively, you could also say that I did know what was being said, having played through the undub versions of the game, but I just didn’t remember what they were saying. I should just fucking learn Japanese or something at this point, fucking import games.

The only animated part of the game now is the opening title sequence. They made a new one which shows both the male and female MCs. The rest of the game consists entirely of stills, except running around Tartarus. What few anime cutscenes which were essential to the story, such as the first time you shoot yourself in the head and declare “Per.

All areas in the social sim half of the game are now isometric perspective 2D maps which you move a cursor over to select people to talk with or move from area to area. All conversations are non-animated, with whatever voice work was in the original game and sound effects to represent things happening. If you know what it’s like to read a visual novel, that’s what they turned the social sim half into essentially.

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Ashes of the Past by Saphroneth reviews Time travel, based on the Anime. So, the world ended. Who best to get to fix it?

Dating more than one female at a time will make that other girls social link become REVERSED for sure, so planning out social links ahead of time is the best course to go.

Crimson Wings by Chiaki Yumi reviews What if she finds herself back in the beginning, with a new role ? However, Shadows are the least of her problems; encounters new and old, add in a sister-obsessed brother she never knew she had to the picture- how will she fare this time around? Persona Series – Rated: Lateral by afterados reviews Wishing to correct past mistakes, a blue-haired boy is sent to a world all too similar to his own.

But armed with knowledge he can’t repeat, and a power no longer his own, what difference can he truly make? Once the magister takes a romantic interest in her, Emma must rely on the guidance of his favorite pet: Dragon Age – Rated:

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The female protagonist is an additional playable protagonist in Persona 3 Portable. Her role is non-canonical in the main Persona series timeline, as evidenced by the use of male pronouns and references to blue hair in The Answer, Persona 4 (and Golden) after fighting Margaret, and Persona 4 Arena.

Hidetoshi has enlisted the protagonist’s help in catching the culprit in a case where a Gekkoukan student has left a cigarette butt in one of the school’s male bathrooms, a task assigned to him by a teacher. Hidetoshi accepts with the condition of receiving a recommendation to become next year’s Student Council President, while the teacher would gain a better reputation.

During the course of the story, Hidetoshi shows some rather aggressive efforts toward catching the culprit, which involves some amount of verbal abuse toward many random boys he has accused on, more or less, no basis. Hidetoshi tells you a story of a man that was made into a scapegoat and sent to jail while doing his job as a script writer, and claims that he will do whatever is needed to rise to the top to prevent incidents like those from happening.

He thinks that trusting people too much will lead into them backstabbing you, like what happened with the script writer. As the Social Link progresses, Hidetoshi is forced to make a list of suspects for the incident. Due to some rumors of the Protagonist being out late at night because of SEES exploring Tartarus, which Hidetoshi doesn’t know of course , the teacher that gave Hidetoshi the task to solve the incident tries to force him to put the Protagonist’s name into the list.

Hidetoshi refuses immediately, defending and trusting the Protagonist. He goes so far as to say “Even if the whole school turns on me, I won’t sell you out”.

Persona 3 FES – Max Social Link – Empress Arcana (Mitsuru Kirijo)

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